My hard drive failed (probably due to bad fan) I would like to know if trying to recover the data can they recover the applica


I don't know if you can help me. My computer failed and I talked to our local compter repair store and they said they probably could recover my data, but they don't know if they can recover the application program that runs everything I have created on there. I had backed up many a time using "My Book" an external 1T hard drive. When I try to find the program on that, I can't find the install thing. My question is do you think if I have these people do this ($167.00 - 200.00) just to look, will they be able to give me the re install program from my Publisher Pro? My application of this program is over 20 years old and can't be updated. Also could I ask if I were to buy today's version of that program do you think those files I created using the 20 year old version would open in today's program?
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    Not worth it to pay anyone... Once you get another hard drive... you could simply try plugging in your old hard drive and seeing if you could recover the data...

    Wait.. I just checked the internet.. I saw Publisher Pro Gold 3.0 selling for $50. So I don't understand why you don't just get that newer updated copy for $50 instead of paying $200 to someone with the hopes them finding and retrieving a outdated program... unless there was something else important on your old hard drive.
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