Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Motherboard

I would really like to know what this mother board can support. The maximum specs as of late.

What are the recommended ram sticks i can use. The latest that it can support.

What radeon or nvidia maximum graphics cards can it support.

And what is the maximum processor type and speed it can be installed.

Also depending on what can go in, what addons should i consider to make everything work effectively!
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  1. Did you even look at the specs and other info on Gigabyte's website? As for the gpu that is going to depend on the psu and cpu, all the card requires of the motherboard is a 16x pci-e slot. While a 760g board while many support a 8 core 125w piledriver cpu the boards have weak vrms and can have throttling issues with high cpu loads when using a 1 5w cpu.
  2. I have and i have googled it but im not exactly that smart in terms of knowing compatibilities all that well. So i was hoping for a tech god to give me a hand :)
  3. Anyone Want to help me out? Im stil lwaiting for rock solid genius to help!

    Thanks in advance :)
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