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I recently decided to upgrade my video card and PSU since it had become apparent that it was high time to do so. Unfortunately after the upgrade my system seems to run fine for a bit and then freezes for about five seconds before restarting. Once windows restarts there is no error code or pop up stating what went wrong which leaves me wondering whats wrong with the upgrade.

The original manufactures specs for the pc is located here:
HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110f Desktop PC Product Specifications from HP

The upgrades I made were:

Changing the original 300W PSU for a EVGA SuperNOVA 750B1 750W ATX12V Power Supply
Changing the original graphics card for a ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC.

Granted the power supply might be a little big for the needs of the system but I don't expect that to be the issue. My guess at this point is either over heating or something with the graphics card or drivers, but I am not sure where to start trouble shooting everything since I only have a small window of time to run any sort of test and I wouldn't think it would over heat as fast in the short amount of time the computer is on. Any help with this issue greatly appreciated.

Edit: just checked the temp for everything and my motherboard holds steady at 35°C and the CPU at it's hottest was 45°C. The graphics card was at 39. All the temperatures appear to be within the parameters for them. Granted none of this was under any sort of load because my computer restarted before I could start anything.
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  1. Maybe the CPU is struggling to keep up with the R9 290X and is getting too hot.

    What temps is it getting to at idle and while gaming?
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    First, double check your RAM is seated properly. I like to remove it and blow out the slots and reseat. If that doesn't work then try running a memory test (Memtest 86)... I have seen bad RAM cause this exact issue. If that passes after running all night, next run a long test on your hard drive (Seatools for DOS or Windows). If RAM fails then run the test again with only 1 stick at a time to find the bad stick and replace it. If drive fails, replace it.
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