pc automatically shut down after half an hour

i have gigagbyte motherboard and amd a4-3400 apu processor my pc automatically shutdowns after half an hour. also my computer starts if i rub the fan on processor.any solution?
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  1. Your CPU is most likely overheating, CPUs generate alot of heat while working so do some temperature checks on it while its running if its higher than usual this is defiantly the problem. If so to fix it you can replace your heatsink fan, or try some thermal paste.
  2. its shut down normally with shut down screen, i don't think its a overheating problem
  3. ...well for a start lets not guess about whethter you think its not overheating

    Find out - goto alcpu,com download CPU temp, install it making sure you don't install the crapware that comes with it and post the temps

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