Will game optimization for PS4/Xbox One translate better into/for PC than previous console developed iterations?

Will game optimization fare better with PS4/Xbox One to PC titles than previous iterations?

I'm interested in buying myself and my kids either three consoles or two stock mid/low pc's. I'm going to go with PC's if game optimizations for these new consoles are likely to translate better than previous portings. (Portings for lack of a better word, sorry). I'm thinking I'd rather go the route of PC's, but I'm also thinking consoles will be more practical from 1080p/60FPS to lan parties. What say you TH Community?

I'll clarify if it is needed. My main question is will the new platform make ports better from a performance point of view, not interfaces, control schemes, or other related nuances, but strictly from a performance point of view, V-Sync was a personal experience of my own, but I'm sure there are others. My second question is PCs or consoles? Purchases from Steam make the budgets for both seem close in price comparison when considered as part of the package.

Budget is Three PS4's or Two PC's, give or take very little, maybe another 100 on the PC's. Eg., 349 x 3 = 3 PS4's = my desired budget for the hypothetical mid level PC's.
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  1. 1)no.
    2)depend on your budget
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    IMO, since the new hardware is pretty much PC hardware it'll be easier to cross code in that aspect. However what also matters is the abstraction layer for the hardware, by that I mean Direct X in this case. I think that the quality of ports to and from console will go up in general. Developers will have an easier time once they learn the tools because all the development tools will be similar. This means that the devs will have more time to optimize and fix things. They could also just release it sooner,bugs and all.
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