looking for a cpu,gpu and motherboard 500$ budget

I am building a new computer and all i need to get is the cpu gpu and mother board. Can someone recommend me a cpu gpu and motherboard with a budget of around 500$. It will be used for gaming. thanks.
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  1. What is your psu and ram?
  2. my psu is corsiar cx 600 and i have 8gb ram
  3. You could use an

    amd fx-8350 cpu

    Sapphire r9 280x tri x gpu

    Gigabyte ga970 gpa ud3p motherboard.

    They sum up to 480'ish. But, fx 8350 stock fans sound like a revving engine. So I alsı suggest a hyper 212 evo cpu cooler which is around 30$.
    This cpu will allow a higher end gpu if you ever wish in the future, and mobo is suitable for overclocking.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but i was considering a intel cpu to buy
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