overclock the i5 3330 with asus z77 mb will it also oc the pcie

i really wanna know plz help tom firends i want to buy z77 board and oc my i5 3330 to with gammx 400 cooler will i see any difference in gaming i have asus GTX 780ti DC2 OC edation i have B75 gigabyte mb or should i buy 3570 none K thats faster 15% then 3330 need answers
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  1. i also need to know if i oc the cpu with the z 77 mb dose it oc the PCIE 3.0 slot too ?? if it dose its not worth it ill just buy new cpu
  2. not gonna happen. you will need BOTH a Z77 board AND an overclockable CPU like the 3570K if you wanna OC the CPU. you could OC the 3330 via the base clock but that's highly unrecommended as your system will see some instability of sort.

    honestly with that setup, with the exception of a few games that rely a good deal from the CPU like Starcarft 2, you're not going to see a noticeable difference buying a new CPU to OC. if you're playing the likes of ARMA or GTAIV, just know games like those, among others are badly optimized and will likely not benefit from a CPU upgrade. before you consider getting a 980 instead, not really a wise investment seeing as it won't be that big an improvement. maybe consider getting 2x4GB DDR3-1600 kit if you only have 4GB, or used a single ram slot?
  3. hazle i have 8g 1600 hyperX blue rams
  4. tea urchin so theres no point getting any one them i mean im happy with it the cpu really didnt bottleneck but i though i should change it i had like $200 to spent :)
  5. gtx 980 vs gtx 780ti dc2 oc not that much different ?

    GeForce GTX 980
    GeForce GTX 780 Ti this is the ref model mine is faster
  6. i have samsung 27inch monitor with 60hz 1080p no i dont want 980 my gpu is beast its amazing card the ref gtx 780ti is few fps slower then 980 and my gpus is right up there with 980
  7. what you mean any points ??? still beast even years from now
  8. in some games the core speed says 1085 1099 is that the turbo boost 2.0 auto changing the speed becouse i didnt touch anything on the specs say with turbo boost 1020 why is mine showing higher numbers ?
  9. tea i had R9 280x sapphire on this same screen first of all it ran crysis 3 like shit fps spikes sucked ass with the same settings after trying out my new gpu men im in love with it its to crazy of gpu shits on any game you throw at it will very thing maxed out i mean everything it just dont care monster graphics card also had gtx770 they all most perform the same R9 280x
  10. i sold both they suck ass after using this gpu lol those cards are crap
  11. ya you too buddy thats why ppl like you are here for broo to answer Q right great job its closed now
  12. If you want to max out that GPU, then you need a K CPU with a Z mobo for better OC potential, you may have some bottleneck with your actual rig.
    is not a good idea to OC a non k CPU on base clock vias, cause some stability issues when you pass 103 mhz, so is not worth.
    A non K CPU goes in B75, H61, logically, and a K CPU goes in Z77 mobos, so you can inmerse at OC activities without rising PCIe speeds, and getting better CPU-GPU performance. So is up to your budget.
  13. tea urchin said:
    Except of course the 3330 etc can be o/c'd using turbo mutipliers to 4 x 100 base bins Juan.
    Its obviously new tech here. .
  14. tea urchin said:
    juanjostorreshernndez said:
    tea urchin said:
    Except of course the 3330 etc can be o/c'd using turbo mutipliers to 4 x 100 base bins Juan.
    Its obviously new tech here. .

    Feel free to ask questions,I am sure with a little work I could explain it to a man of your experience.
    ;#} !

    Ok, I wonder if you could do that with the B75 mobo he has ?
  15. tea urchin said:
    Logically the answer is no. The guy is no fool and knows about performance tweaks.He has already asked about a 400 meg (15%) o/c using the same cpu in a higher tier board and would it be worth it for gaming?

    Then is it worth to buy a Z77 mobo just for that (15%) ?
    Its like getting a Ferrari in my country (CUBA) and you will be always stoped (limited to 100km/h)because of holes all over the way, so you can not fully enjoy what you get for your money.
    So, in my personal opinion(and forgive my broken english, as its not my native language) if I buy a Z77 mobo, then I buy the K processor too, in order to use the full OC potential of the mobo. uff more than 9 min to finish.
  16. anyways thanx 2 all ill stick with this until 5gen cpus come out
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