What happens when voltage regulator supports less power than PSU?

Just what the title says, I wonder what happens when a computer with a 600w PSU for instance is connected to a voltage regulator of up to 300w.
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    As long as the PSU draws no more than 300W there will be no issues, but the voltage regulator should power off to protect itself if the PSU exceeds its rating for too long. The system has to draw less than 300W because a PSU isn't 100% efficient.
  2. Very interesting, thanks.
  3. Why would you use such a low power regulator for a PC? APC clearly explain how their unit works: (Product Overview). I wouldn't consider it for a PC because of this feature: "Automatically turns off in case voltages reach levels higher or lower then accepted by the equipment". Other voltage regulators should behave similarly.
  4. I bought it ages ago, around 2000. It's a Koblenz one. I'll get a new one, with 1000W support the next time I upgrade my PSU. Apparently my current specs don't require more than 300W, although my system has been quite unstable lately due to some BSODs about a clock interrupt from a secondary processor not being received in the allocated time interval, as well as screen freezes. The regulator has never shut down though, so that leads me to believe it's either not a problem with the regulator or that it is so old and useless that it's not even capable of shutting down when needed anymore. I've been thinking of sending my FX-6300 to AMD now that the guarantee is still valid, but maybe I should replace the regulator before doing anything else.
  5. Do you have a quality PSU?
  6. Not really. It has no 80 plus certification, but I suspect it's not all that bad either. The thing is, I want to get an r9 280, but my current PSU doesn't have enough PCI-E connectors, so I'll have to upgrade it.
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