HiS R7 Problems, I deleted amd drivers because someone told me to re download them but...

...When i download them it says "download completed with fails" or something, it fails at the drivers update part. Also when im in the AMD Gaming Evolved thing it says "Automatic driver updates are not supported for your video cars" Also i get these small freezes once in a while and sometimes my monitor says no signal and in few seconds it goes back. WHhat is going on?

-His r7 260x
-amd athlon 860k
-8gb ram
-1tb hdd
-500w evga psu

I REALLY need help guys :( I want to get back to playing cs go!
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  1. Okay so i got the supported drivers and now it said drivers succesfully loaded. Problem is i still get the small freezes and i get random "no signals" my cs go just crashed becus of it :(
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