Problems With Laptop Amd R7 M260

Im really pissed i havent found anything helpful i have tried everything that comes to my mind i just cant do anything about it,

So the problem here is i bought new HP Pavilion 15(i belive) and it has AMD A8-6410 APU with Intergrated R5 and then (probably you can already guess) it has AMD r7 M260 too, but the problem here is. I just cant get R7 working, i have installed drivers, i have tried disabling R5 and install drivers, i have tried to completely uninstall drivers, try to install drivers, nothing works, and then i have tried to disable R5 and try to use CCC but then it just says error, and Then i have tried to just play with R7, nothing it crashes without drivers.

Hopefully this isnt too hard to read,
English is not my native language, and i was tired when i wrote this
but i really need help. i tried to play some games with this but it just lags, and i think its the R5 because its much slower than R7 and exspecially i cant know because i cant test.
(and fuck you amd, i cant choose my own drivers because of "AUTO detect" my #%@!)

but if you can help me its great.
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    Give this a try to clean up the install:

    Then download drivers from HP. There is no guarantee the standard drivers from AMD/ATI will work.

    Downloading direct from AMD is also an option as it is possible it will work better then the HP certified drivers. Just depends.

    But definitely give the clean uninstall tool a go.
  2. I have an HP laptop too, with R5 integrated and an R7 260 with 2GB ram. Here's the catch: These two GPUs are "linked". You can't get them to work seperatelly. That's because R5 is used only in low power-demand apps while R7 is for high power- apps like games or 3DS MAX etc.
    The AMD drivers switch between these two automatically depending on the workload. The only thing you can do is check Catalyst properties and assign specific Applications on "High performance" so that when you run them, Catalyst uses R7 and not R5.
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