windows 7 ultimate won't activate after clean install on new ssd from bootable device

My hdd started failing and I replaced it with a samsung evo 850 ssd. I did a clean install of windows 7 from a usb drive. Windows Vista was the original operating system. It won't activate and shows error code OxC004E003. Is it because the license is still active on my old HDD? If so how do i remove it..when I plug in my old HDD in an external enclosure it shows up in disk managment as unallocated space but not in devices or as a drive letter. I would also like to recover some documents if possible because i dont think the drive is completely failed yet, maybe just corrupt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Have a look at this:

    Also, if that doesn't work try giving microsoft a call with your license key. They should be able to help you reactivate if you have reinstalled the OS (only if its a retail copy though).

    Try stellar phoenix software for hard drive data recovery.
  2. Hi

    What version of windows 7 are you using?
    You said you had vista
    I assume you are using a legal key from win 7
    Not the vista key

    Is this a upgrade windows ?
    This requires installing vista, then inserting upgrade disk, running the setup program on the upgrade disk
    ( there are ways round this but I expect I am not allowed to tell you)

    Other versions OEM system builder, full retail, upgrade or enterprise

    Finally manufacturers oem version which only works or activates on limited range of motherboards made by that manufacturer detects data in bios or other storage areas on board

    You should google the error message
    If that does not help then

    If you have a legal copy & key phone Microsoft product activation telephone number for your country

    Is official Ms advice on subject

    Mike Barnes
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