Zotac GTX 780 Ti OC, No signal at Windows login screen after driver install

First off, thank you for any and all answers, they are greatly appreciated :)

I bought this card brand new yesterday off and it arrived today, so I was well chuffed with that, so, without hesitation I installed it into my rig and fired it up. It seemed to work perfectly fine until after I installed the drivers (latest) and rebooted it, now at the windows login screen I get around 5 - 10 seconds of display before the screen goes blank with no signal plastered across it and the fans on the card fire up to 100%. It seems like the problem occurs when the either the driver loads or when another program loads at boot

My rig:

Mobo: Asus crosshair v formula
CPU: AMD FX 8350 (8 core @ 4.0Ghz)
RAM: G Skill Sniper 12Gb @ 1600 Mhz
PSU: Dell ND285 1000w server PSU (Bastardized for ATX (worked fine for 4+ years)
HD's: Seagate 250Gb + Hitachi 500Gb @ 7200 rpm
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64
Driver ver: 347.09 WHQL

Nothing OC'd

I have tried re-installing the drivers several times to no avail, windows boots up fine in safe mode and when there are no drivers installed, I have been through mcsonfig and disabled the driver manually although the problem still persists. Atm everything is out of the case with bare minimum connected (i.e. HD, mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.) Iv'e tried all pci-e lanes and all 4 6-pin power connectors as well as both a single 6-pin to 8-pin adapter and a dual 6-pin to 8-pin adapter.

I've tried searching on google but couldn't find anything, I'm starting to think it could be either my dodgy bastard child of a server's PSU (to be fair, it is pretty old) or some kind of compatibility issue with my mobo.

I'm about to try the old card to see if that still works and try some older drivers then it'll will be a bios reset and individual ram testing. If all that fails, I think it might have to be a reformat.

If iv'e missed anything or you need more information, just let me know, sorry for the long read and I appreciate any help that you give :)
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    Honestly, I think you have a PSU issue. When using the generic VGA drivers, you aren't using all of the GPUs capabilities (thus lower power consumption). Installing the GPU drivers enables all of its performance (to include it using more power).

    Installing a new PSU that meets the power needs of your new (modern) GPU would likely solve this.

    BTW, PSUs "age". They become less effective and efficient over time. Yours is quite long in the tooth.
  2. Thank you for the response COLGeek.

    I know the PSU is going out the door and is next on my list for replacement but my old card (a gtx 480) has the same power consumption as the new one and I've just checked it and it still works, I do have an old asus p6t kicking about somewhere although i'm not sure if that works or not, but hey ho, might be worth a go. I do get paid tomorrow so will probably order a new PSU although I would like to cross off as many things as possible before I start throwing money at it. :S

    Thanks for your help :)
  3. Good luck!
  4. Well I feel a bit stupid, turns out the card's a dud!

    Bought a new PSU today which didn't solve the issue, so I took it round my brothers and tested it in his pc and low and behold, same issue

    Just gonna RMA it on Monday.

    At least I can finally throw out that PoS bodge job psu.

    Thanks for help :)
  5. That sucks it was the gpu for you, I am having the same issue with a gtx 980 but it has been running fine for 2 months now nothing
  6. To cut a long story short it was the refresh rate.
    The driver selects the native resolution at 60hz as soon as it installed.
    My tv supposedly supports 60hz but would only work when I plugged in another monitor and turned the tv down to 30hz.
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