amd fx8350 overclocking problem with prime 95

Hi everyone . I was just wondering . Why the computer randomly restarts during about 10 mins of overclocking with prime 95 .
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  1. We need more information before we can help...

    What CPU cooler are you using?
    What are your load temperatures?

    What is your CPU core voltage?
    What is your FSB x Multi = CPU speed?

    Have you already tested and verified memory is stable? Do this at stock CPU speed.

    What Motherboard are you using?
    Waht power supply?

    Restarts under load can come from several sources. The most common causes are thermal events (overheating), voltage fluctuations (instability from droop), memory errors.
  2. I think I'm ok for help now . As I'm just using amd catalyst control centre seems to do the job . I have the asus m5a78l-m/usb3 which I heard isn't a very good motherboard to use . My power supply is a platinum 860 ax corsair . Liquid cooling . And load temps are 46 on Ai suite from full load using prime 95. Although I do not plan to manually overclock . Only using amd catalyst control centre . And it's oc to 4.5 going to check if it's stable now with prime 95 . It restarted whwn I went into the bios and manually set the clock multiplier to 4.3
  3. It was 46 at 4.0 clock
  4. I think because it was 4.555 something . Which exceeds the maximum the motherboard can handle of 140 watts
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