How to find an AMD FX-4350 Replacement CPU Fan Cooler?

Hi. I bought an AMD FX-4350 CPU and didn't realize it does not come with a stock fan/heatsink. That's fine. I'll simply buy one. But it's not proving to be so simple, as I want to be certain I get the correct device.

I have been able to locate the stock fan/heatsink unit for the FX-4350 on eBay. But I thought since I am buying this separate, why not upgrade a bit. I have never had to buy a CPU fan. I have always used the ones that came with the processor, or installed liquid coolers.

So what specs do I have to look for when buying a replacement? I am getting overwhelmed wondering if some can handle the 125w TDP of the FX-4350 -- some say they fit an AM3+ socket, but the fan size seems too big. Some say AM3+ but are only three pin instead of four. Will AM3 CPU fans fit AM3+?

Well I would appreciate some guidance in how to check specs buying CPU fan coolers, and perhaps some suggestions for a decent replacement fan for the the $20 or less price range.

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  1. Do NOT buy a stock HSF for that chip. The bundled AMD ones are notoriously inadequate. When shopping, make sure you buy a fan that is supported for your processor: AM3+. As for the fan pin count, you can always buy an adapter for that.

    Don't cheap out on your cooler. Remember, this is your CPU we're talking about. That said, here's something I found quickly on Newegg that would probably work for you despite it being double your price range. $20 is fairly unrealistic given what you are going to need or want:
  2. Thanks for your reply. The model in your link is very nice. But that being, as you mentioned, double my price range isn't in the budget. This chip isn't even meant to be overclocked, so I figure something a little better than the stock fans should keep it cool enough.

    TY for the info about the pins. And it sounds like you are saying that as long as the fan/heatsink unit indicates it is AM3+, it'll be compatible? I don't mind shopping around for a good buy on a reliable manufacturer's model, in my price range. I just need to know if there are any other specs to look at, other than AM3+ socket.

  3. You're welcome. Yes, so long as the information indicates that it supports AM3+, you're fine.

    As for the other things to look into, the only real considerations should be with regard to the size of the fan on the unit, what kind of material is being used on the heat pipes (copper is better), and how large the HSF itself is and whether that will be a concern for your case. Some of the units can be quite tall and may not fit. Therefore, make sure you adequately measure how much clearance you have inside your case. Another thing to think about it whether the HSF is wider than it is tall since this could cause problems with your RAM sticks if they have relatively tall heat spreaders. I have a very large HSF on my 8350 (Coolermaster V6GT - twin 120mm fans) and it would have blocked my first two DIMM slots. Thankfully, I was able to use low profile RAm and it works quite excellently.
  4. Alright, thanks a bunch. The info on how to check specs for CPU fans will surely come in as handy in the future as it has now. As I mention my concern about budget, I could surely sport an extra $4 for this unit. What are your thoughts on it?
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    That will likely do for what you've got. If you could go with a slightly larger 120mm fan, you'd be a little bit better off. Still, that one will probably be fine. Just make sure you've got adequate cooling for the rest of your case and it's nice and dust free. Now is a good time to check your wire/cable routings and blow out your case. That doesn't seem all that tall, so I'm sure you're good. It wouldn't hurt to measure just in case.
  6. Yeah it'll fit, for sure. The mobo is a GA-78LMT-S2P -- mATX. And the case is an Antec NEW SOLUTION SERIES VSK-3000 -- mATX case -- not tall, but plenty wide and long. My only concern was, as you mentioned above, a larger cooler encroaching upon the RAM modules, since it is a micro ATX mobo. So I didn't want to go with a larger fan.

    Also, I put considerable thought and effort into the wire management in my machine and ones I build. If it ever gets hot in the case, it's not from a web of wires and dusty fans. I think I'll be good with the model in my link, given all concerns. So thank you again for your quick and helpful responses.

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