Usb flash memory sticks take long to start.

Can any charitable soul explain to me why this happens?:

Sometimes, when I plug a Usb memory stick (usb 2.0) into a computer, it takes a few minutes to show its contents, with a green progress bar above creeping slowly to the end with Windows 7 and 8 if my memory is right. It happens in most computers and with any flash memory sticks, it's not something particular with my fash stick nor with my present computer.

Yesterday, when this happened, I tried to put my desktop to sleep but it didn't; so I decided to force a shutdown by pressing the power button for a while. Then I started the pc again and I entered the pen-drive and the contents appeared instantly.

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  1. If you restart your computer immediately then data may still be in memory as it hasn't had time to clear (you need to wait 1 min before restarting).
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