Problems setting up AMD A10-7850K + R7 250 dual graphics

Made a build with AMD A10-7850K and a Radeon R7 250 GPU from Sapphire. The build is based on an A58 chipset. There are 2 sticks of 4GB RAM on the system too. The HDD was an older one with Windows 8.1 installed on it.

Initially, when I booted up with the older NVIDIA drivers and replaced that with AMD CCC [Catalyst Omega], I was getting the Crossfire option in CCC
. But after that, I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 since some of the games on that PC was not running. I formatted the entire drive. Also, I am using a genuine Windows ISO.

Now, there is no CFX option in CCC after a clean install of Windows. Can anyone let me know why? It was there on the previous Windows Installation. Messing with BIOS changes nothing - it just swaps between the two display adapters. One display adapter is mentioned as primary while the other is disabled.

How can I get both the GPUs to work together? The A10-7850K + R7-250 is a compatible pair in the AMD website, and moreover I have seen them working in this very build itself. It is just gone after a clean Windows install.

Why? Please help.
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  1. remove the r7 250, uninstall drivers using DDU.

    install drivers for igpu 1st

    then you put the r7 250
  2. Sig2525 said:
    remove the r7 250, uninstall drivers using DDU.

    install drivers for igpu 1st

    then you put the r7 250

    Rangan is a friend of mine, he posted this issue on my behalf and I'll take on it from here. I followed your process but it hasn't helped me activate the Dual Graphics option in the CCC. Right now, all I'm looking at under the Performance tab are:

    There is no option other than 3D Application Settings under the Gaming tab either.

    I have a Gigabyte F2A58M-S1 motherboard and I did not notice any Dual Graphics option in the BIOS there either. What should I do now?
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    set the bios to use integrated graphics

    remove the r7 250 - then do a clean uninstall of the existing drivers

    now search for the drivers of the APU and install the drivers

    put back the r7 250 (make sure the monitor is plugged in the integrated graphics and not the r7 250)

    then see if your r7 250 is detected by your system. if it is detected go to amd ccc and see if the the xfire setup is there.

    if not. then idk no more haha :D
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