msi 990fxa gd80v2 Post Code "F"

So I think my motherboard is 100% dead. I sorta spazmoed my hand when i tried to power the machine on and instantly released the switched. This caused the machine ti start for about 0.2 seconds then power back off. Ive been having boot problems with oddball keyboards before this, might be related.

Anyways Nothing happens. Every phase light turns on, if I use a usb keyboard, the caps lights freeze on, ps/2 keyboards do nothing.

The Post Code is "F" To clarify, as a two digit post, it reads as "F" "" with the 2nd LED showing nothing at all. This is the first and only post code the machine will generate. Unfortunately, that case does not have a system speaker.

I have tried pretty much everything but a different psu and physically checking the board for damage. Including multiple versions of the bios recovery via usb flash drive. It seems to do absolutely nothing no matter what I plug or unplug.

Anyone had this happen? (I had bios 13.5 installed)
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  1. In warranty?Maybe you should RMA that board.
  2. I think it is still under warranty, will have to check. I dusted it off and took a tooth brush to get some crud out, then tried it on a different psu, no luck.
  3. "I sorta spazmoed my hand when i tried to power the machine on and instantly released the switched" ,this action may damage the mobo ,next time when you got a new mobo ,remember don't change any onboard setting except the USB ,AUDIO and NETWORK LAN when the pc is turn on.:)
  4. So, I figured out what I did. I have a modular PSU, and i plugged my 6 pin pci-e cable into a 6 pin port that was intended to run stuff like 4 pin molex and sata power cables. Just checked the voltage with a meter and it looks like there's a pin on there that's expecting to be ground that received 5v (bottom middle pin).

    Somehow, I don't know how but somehow, this did not damage my video cards. I imagine everything that was connected to a ground was probly instantly vaporized....
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