New to overclocking/water cooling, suggestions please!

So water cooling is something I'm having a growing interest in and will be my next big upgrade to my PC.


Now the plan is to purchase the Geforce 970 more specifically one of these:

(I'm leaning towards the PNY)

When I buy my new GPU I also plan on buying newer RAM as well as all of my watercooling/overclocking parts.

But I have no clue where to start, from what I gather buying a pre-made kit would be more ideal.

I don't even know if I want to overclock her or not. This is a gaming build but I also use it for quite a lot of things at once. But I am very interested in water cooling ever since I saw a water cooled build in a local PC shop... Was it ever quiet!

Anyways, what would you fine experts suggest?
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  1. Have you read through the watercooling sticky? It is linked in my signature below. This would be a good place to start and answer some of your initial questions.
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