Worked for 24 hours, now it does not post and beeps twice, Gigabyte motherboard

Recently built a computer with the following specs:

Gigabyte GA-F2A58M-DS2 motherboard
AMD A10 6800K processor
2x 4GB Crucial DDR3 RAM
1GB Western Digital HDD
Pioneer Blu-Ray-DVD Drive
Cooler Master 550W power supply

Built the computer with no issues. I initially installed an old copy of Windows Vista with the intention of upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate (have an update only copy). I installed Windows Vista with no issues overnight, and planned on installing Windows 7 (reformatting and doing a completely new installation via the upgrade) this afternoon when I got back from work. I turned on the computer, changed the boot sequence to prioritize the DVD drive, put in the Windows 7 disk, saved the settings in the BIOS and exited. Since then, the computer does not post and beeps twice with about 3-4 seconds between beeps. Gigabyte website says this is a CMOS error (?). I cleared the CMOS, but the problem persists. Would this mean a CMOS checksum error? Is this a CMOS battery issue? If so, should I replace it myself and buy a new battery or would that void the warranty (meaning I have to RMA the motherboard).

I have built several computers over the last decade (at least a dozen, ether for me, friends, or family), and I have never had a computer component work just fine for 24 hours, then just crap out. Thanks for any help!
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  1. According to it would be a "parity circuit failure" which I myself have trouble believing after 24 hours which according to is a problem with RAM or motherboard. Try reseating the RAM. And try one stick, each one.
  2. I tried each stick separately, but to no avail.
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