No video display when booting after installing new graphics card

hey everyone

i have a problem with the computer i am building involving installing a new graphics card, when removing the previous one i had uninstalled all the drivers and inserted the new card appropriately, after this i turned it on and there was no input into the monitor, the integrated graphics did not display either when the graphics card is in, so i removed the card and the computer then displayed and ran fine (with no graphics card) so i thought i may have been the PSU as it was an old cheap model of 450 watts so i bought a new one of 750 watts (the card only requires 400) thinking this was the problem but after all this i am having exactly the same problem!
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  1. i did connect to the card when it was inserted so i guess i will have to try in someone's computer, i just need to find someone with one :') do you think the problem will be that the card needs a PCIe 3.0 Bus and mine is only PCIe 2.0?
  2. i had sent for another card and it has exactly the same problem so the card must be fine, i have looked and the motherboard is compatible and i cant think why i get no output :\
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    try resetting the bios, that usually works for me
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