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Hello, i was going to buy i7-4790 cpu and stick to H97M motherboards, but at last i decided to add extra 20-30$ and buy i7-4790k, i won't overclock it so is it OK to stick to H97M board, will cpu work without problems on 4.4ghz turbo? or it is better to buy Z97M board, even if i am not going to overclock at all?
Thank you.
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    The H97M board will work fine with your 4790K, and yes, it will run at 4.4GHz turbo fine. The K chip gets you a better base and turbo clock even if you're not going to overclock. Seems likes a waste, though - if you get a Z97M mobo, even if you don't want to overclock now, it'll give you the option of doing it later.
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  2. Did you ever manage to overclock the CPU on the H97?
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