I have 3 different hard drives. Which RAID level should I use?

3 completely different hard drives. A 1TB WD Green, a 1TB Toshiba hard drive, and a 1.5TB Samsung drive. They're all different and with different capacities, but my PC is running way too slow as a result. I'd like to know what RAID setup I should go with. I don't have a RAID controller but my motherboard has some RAID capabilities (it's an Asrock Z87 Extreme3). I'd like maximum performance possible. This is a gaming PC setup after all. Thanks in advance.
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    Having multiple HDDs not in RAID won't make your PC go slower. Your problems likely lie outside the HDDs.

    Running drives with widely differing performance in RAID is not recommended. Running drives with differing sizes will make you lose space.

    JBOD is really your best option. Or an SSD.
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