GPU overclock gave a lower benchmark score

MY GPU overclock resulted in a Valleybenchmark score lower than stock. why
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  1. Is your overclock stable?
  2. Which - Asus or MSI? What OC?
  3. i7Baby said:
    Which - Asus or MSI? What OC?

    starting with msi, it is at a 50 mhz OC now, .1 volt allowance addition
  4. pic of afterburner
  5. i ran valley for 15 min with no crashes but the score is lower
  6. max temps on the most recent stress test for the gpu was like 65C
  7. Are they still in crossfire?
  8. yes
  9. maybe my card is not a good overclocker, or maybe it is already as high as it can go
  10. If you overclock just one card and its in crossfire it will run at the same clocks as the slower card.
  11. ahhh
  12. how do i OC the other card in MSI afterburner
  13. Go into settings and select the other card.
  14. the other card is not letting me adjust the core voltage
  15. after running a stress test with both cards OCd 100MHz+ i got a score of 2500~ and resetting both to original. i got a score of 2834. so i give up. my cards are probably as good as i can get them atleast on air. oh well
  16. If you noticed consistently lower fps than stock clocks your overclock is unstable resulting in a lower benchmark score.
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