my external harddrive stopped working in usb 2.0 port but still works in a usb 3.0 port any ways on how to fix this??

My WD external hardrive doesnt work in a usb 2.0 port anymore only in a usb 3.0 port ???
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  1. Then you just use the external hard drive in the usb3.0 port. If the usb port is broken that you need replace it. Or you may try use other usb2.0
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    Hi there Tech369,

    I would advise you to try the drive on another computer and see whether it works over there when attached on both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. This way, you will see whether there is something wrong with the HDD or with your system(USB port). In case you have more that one USB 2.0 port on your system, you can attach the drive to that one too.

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