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I bought 3 Toshiba 2TB drives (all identical) with the intention of putting them in a RAID 0 configuration, and yes I am aware of the pros and cons of RAID 0 configs. When it came to creating the RAID and I had the 3 basic unallocated disks, one of them was 9.36GB smaller. 2 of then were 1836.02 and the other was 1853.38. This means that although I can add them in the New Striped Volume Wizard, after I click 'finish' it says "All disks holding extents for a given volume must have the same sector size, and the sector size must be valid" and won't create the volume. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are they all raw drives with equal partition sizes? Are they all connected to the same storage controller, of the same color? None are on any possible secondary controller on the motherboard which would have a different color SATA header than the primary controller headers?
  2. Yes, I purchased 3 identical drives. They are different sizes in terms of unallocated space, with no partition of any kind, they were like that the first time I plugged them in (before formatting or changing in any way), I did try formatting them, both as dynamic disks and basic disks and they maintain the difference regardless. I have a Z97 Motherboard/mainboard which I believe to only have one onboard storage controller (they are all the same colour anyway). I cannot see any reason why one would have less space than the others, and can only conclude it was a physical problem with it, and was wondering if anyone knew of a way around it/ had heard of something like this happening elsewhere (maybe a fault in Toshiba's design) or a common problem with their disks?
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    Try deleting ALL partitions on the drives and then creating exactly identical partition sizes using as much unallocated space as you are able, or desire to. Don't format at this time. Many Z97 boards have both Intel and ASmedia controllers on them, it just depends on what the manufacturer did with that model.
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