Why is my computer sometimes slow?

I have a I7-2600 processor and 8gb of ram using windows 7 64 bit and occasionally my computer gets sluggish while browsing the internet. I also found that sometimes in one game I get pretty laggy when I have 25 mbps internet connection although usually only at night. I thought this might be do to many people on a server but sometimes i am the only person in the game experiencing this issue which makes me think maybe I need more ram. Any suggestions?
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  1. Is your fps dropping or is your latency spiking?
    What video card? What games on what settings?

    Things to check.
    ccleaner is your friend for cleaning up registry and deleting temp folders for you etc. (it's free)
    Also download realtemp or coretemp (Run it while you game). This is to see if your cpu is getting too hot and throttling.
    Run a tracert command to the server ip you are connect to, this will show the latency between hops. (Meaning slowdowns on the path through the internet to the server which you can't control)

    8gb is plenty of ram, specially for gaming. I run everything on ultra or damn close with only 8gb.
  2. it says my ping is going out of control and so I thought it might just be the servers since alot of people may be on at night and the rest of my housemates see no internet fluctuations.

    I have a ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card. The game is league of legends and I turn down all the graphics when I play although most of the time I can play on high graphics and I dont notice any issues.

    I thought it might be just the servers but I have noticed computer sluggishness on occasion such as when browsing multiple websites.

    I contemplated to just add 4 gb or 8gb of ram to see if this would help all the problems.
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    It's not your ram. If you bring up task manager while you play you can watch memory utilization and it probably doesn't even go above 3gb. I too have had latency issues in League of legends. When i have latency issues I lookup the ip of the server i am connect to using netstat command, then run tracert to it. This shows me that my latency issues is outside my network on the way to the server.
    Look at tracert section.

    The infrastructure in the North America is shit, it's sad how far behind the world we are. The big ISP companies won't upgrade the lines and are holding us back.
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