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installed a asus radeon 7770 2gb hd in my pc with a pcie x16 slot and when i turn on the pc with the new card plugged in the power button doesnt light up but still works and my display is black ive uninstalled my drivers and idk what to do i have a 450 watt antec psu help pls and my fans spin up and the gpu light is green but if i boot without the card plugged in with the 6 pin all my stuff lights up but no boot and while the pc is on if i connect the 6pin the card is fune just still no boot
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  1. That power supply is not enough for the card. Get a 500-550W gaming PSU (Like the cheap but reliable EVGA 500W psu on newegg).

    Just to get this out of the way as well, you are plugging the monitor cable into the card and not the board right?
  2. yes, and the card is like geetting power just not displaying anything is there anyway to get it too just display with this psu cause its only a 400 matt requirnment i think and i have a 450
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    400-450 is low for a single GPU setup. Yes its getting power, but not enough power I suspect. 500W-550W is RECOMMENDED for any single GPU setup. It's not just wattage, you want a certain amperage on the 12V rail for video cards too, and low spec cheap 400-450W PSU's don't usually offer that (that low wattage is built for low end GPU's for multi-monitor setups for office work).

    You need a new gaming rated power supply. Like I said go for the EVGA 500W gaming PSU on newegg. ITs only 40 bucks.
  4. Today my evga 500w psu came and im still getting the same problem wtf
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