Adding an HDD makes startup hang

I wanted to update the firmware on my SSD which I'm using for PS4. Before I did that I wanted to try and see if I could hook up the default PS4 HDD as I'm not very computer savvy and was afraid of breaking something.

I managed to hook it up and on the boot screen it shows as having been detected and it also shows my windows HDD. However, it won't go past the boot screen. Hitting F11 or Del. doesn't do anything. Removing the PS4 HDD makes my PC run normally. Please, help.
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  1. The PS4 HDD needs to be reformatted before it can be used on a windows machine. Be aware that this will delete all data on the drive.
  2. That's fine but shouldn't it still boot even though it has the playstation OS on it? Otherwise, I don't know how to wipe it clean.
  3. The hard drive will boot if it has Windows installed on it.

    You need one of these kits that allows the drive to be plugged externally into a computer, and then the drive can be reformatted.
  4. The playstation drive isn't meant as a replacement. I already have a drive with windows installed.I'm trying to add the playstation drive purely to update the firmware. The problem is that if I plug in the PS HDD as a second drive then windows won't start off the first drive.
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    Ok, I was not sure what you wanted to do with your PS4 drive in the computer. Than use the external adapter I linked to is an easy way to get access to it, and you can boot into Windows first..

    Your computer is likely seeing the PS4 drive as a boot drive, and trying to boot it. Check the boot sequence in the bios settings, and make sure that your C drive is the first one in the boot sequence.
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