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So I had this problem before, the story is: I got a new motherboard (Asus M5A97 LE R2.0) as I could fit more stuff into it and my old one was tiny. I backed up everything, swapped mobos and reinstalled windows before putting all my stuff back on as well as a USB 3.0 PCI Hub with 5xUSB3.0 slots. Things were going well until I started getting this thing where everything would crash (games etc.) when doing intensive stuff. Graphics would glitch (such as names of games on steam disappearing, green and pink versions of the text appearing) and programs would crash such as Razer Comms and Google Chrome. I bought a more powerful PSU (went up from 400W to 600W) but still no fix. I tried changing out RAM with some spare I had (went up from 1x4GB to 3x2GB) and still no fix. I took my GPU out and put it back in as well as my CPU and took a USB Hub I have that passes through my keyboard out too (this had my mic a usb stick and printer connector in it). The problem seemed to stop then so I plugged in the hub and each thing connected to it one by one over a few days. I got a new GPU for xmas (XFX R9 290 Black Double Dissipation Edition) but I didn't have a powerful enough PSU so I ordered a 750W. I tried putting in my GPU before I knew this and then took it out when I found out. I put in my previous one and the problem began again. Since then I got my new PSU and stuck that and my new GPU in (I uninstalled the old driver each time moving the GPU). I then experienced constant blue screens so I installed drivers from the AMD website as well as chipset drivers. I next swapped the 3x2GB RAM for the 1x4GB and tried plugging in the PSU connections to the mobo. The BSOD problem has gone but now the artifact problem has reappeared and I have no idea what to do anymore. Any ideas? I'm desperate now :/
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  1. i tried reading for a few times to understand your problem but even that i'm not really sure if i understand it right. so your problem is with that USB 3.0 PCI card? so it was somehow got fixed but when you got your new GPU the problem reappear. to be honest i don't know how that will caused graphical artifact in your games. but if it leads to system crashing then maybe something is wrong with it. did the driver installed properly for the PCI card? what happen if you remove that PCI card?

    your BSOD problem could be RAM related when you swapped in for another module the problem stops.
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