G.Skill TridentX 2400 MHz CL10 vs RipjawsX 2133 MHz CL9 for Z97/i5-4690K

Hi guys!

I'm building a new PC based on Z97 and i5-4690K and could use your advice on which memory would work better with those.

There are two contenders - G.Skill TridentX 2400 MHz CL10 and RipjawsX 2133 MHz CL9. Both have very similar prices.

Most builds I saw use the Ripjaws, but from what I read Tridents are designed with Haswell in mind, so they might work better. Then again, the timings are slightly worse, but it could be compensated by the higher clock speed - correct?
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  1. They will perform very close to one another, with a *very* narrow win for the 2400 CL10, take a look at THIS.
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    The Tridents for sure, at stock will be better than the RJ X and you'll also have OC headroom, with Haswell I typically run the 2400/10 sticks at 2666 (10 or 11, many are strong enough to keep the 10CL)
  3. @Tradesman1
    Thanks, I'll go with the Tridents then.

    Thanks for linking the article, very informative.

    Happy new year!
  4. Same to you, let us know how you like them
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