Anyone know a smaller CPU cooler that will do close to what the EVO 212 can ?

I recently built a new PC, I bought an NZXT Phantom 240 case. The problem was the CPU Cooler I bought was a few mm or so to big keeping the side panel from closing. Hoping someone can recommend a smaller CPU cooler other than the Hyper 212 for an AMD 8350.
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  1. The H60 water cooler from corsair will offer equal performance to the 212 evo.

    It would attach to the 120mm rear fan mount.
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    The Coolermaster TX3 is a junior sized 212 EVO. Works great!
  3. +1 for the CM TX3
  4. Noctua NH-U9b

    Phanteks PH-TC14CS

    Noctua NH-C14

    I believe this can fit just barely

    Note that the TX-3 is only slightly better than the stock cooler.

    This is as good as low profile heatsinks get.
  5. How would the Artic Freeze 13 CO fair in comparison ? Amazon has it on sale at $30 It shows the total mm to be 130mm compared to the Hyper 212 at 159mm

    Height Requirements: Artic Freezer 13

    Height Requirements: Hyper TX 3

    This guy has a Hyper TX 3 in the same case: talks about it a 1:01

    Do you think the Artic Freezer 13 is close enough specs to the TX3 to fit ?
  6. If you want better cooling and a low profile, you might check out the cryorig c1. It's a top down cooler (vs a tower cooler like the 212 evo). Seems to cool only around 4-5 degrees warmer than the nh-d14 and is a couple decibels quieter.
  7. Thank you guys for all the awesome links, I am gonna look into them all and see what my wallet can budge =D
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