PC Crashing while gaming since i installed SSD *FIXED*

Ever since i installed my SSD (about 2-3 days back) my PC has been crashing everytime i start a game, sometimes at startup and sometimes 10-15 minutes in. I've never had a problem with this prior to installing the SSD...

My specs are:
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
Intel i5-2500k
AMD Radeon HD 7850
Kingston HyperX 8gb ddr3
500w PSU
Kingston SSDnow v300 (240gb version)
HDD 500gb

*Edit* Forgot to say i'm running 64-bit W7.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Did you do a fresh install of Win 7? what games? steam?

    Yes, i formatted all disks and installed a fresh copy of Win 7, and it involved all games. (Even those i had installed on the HDD). But I've now fixed the problem by Flashing my BIOS and updated it, turned out i had an old version that didn't support SSD's.
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