about buying a used workstation

i want to know about buying a used workstation. i dont know much about workstations. so please help.
below im listing everything i know about this workstation incuding the price

Dell T7500 Workstation

• 2 X 2.93GHz Intel Xeon X5570 Quad Core 1333MHz 8MB L2

• Memory:32Gb(8X4Gb)1333MHz DDR3 ECC RDIMM upgradable up to 192 GB

• 300Gb SATA 10,000 rpm

• DUAL 1.5 GB QUADRO NVIDIA FX4800 Graphic card

price: 860 usd

i want to know more about how to detect problems with this workstastion(if there any). is it overpriced?..im not sure about how long they used it. what else should i ask the guy about this workstation?..i am an architectural student. so most of my work including rendering and working in 3ds max, revit,
thank you
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  1. I would give it a go ONLY if you have a warranty, you don't want to screw yourself over. For $860 this computers pretty stacked, only thing you should upgrade is the hard drive, 300gb is not going to last long for 3d or editing work.
  2. That looks like a really solid machine for the price. It's hard to predict whether anything is going to go wrong on a used machine because you just don't know what it's been through, and you are not going to get a good sample size by powering it on and watching it for a few minutes. This is a good enough deal that I'd be willing to take my chances, though.
  3. thank you all for your response..decided to buy it.
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