Windows 8.1 install to ssd ends with black screen and cursor

I bought a 120gb crucial m500 a few days ago. I try installing windows 8.1 to it using a USB stick I made in the previous days. I unplug my old HDD during the installation and start installing windows to a completely blank SSD. It does ask the initial "copying files" and what not, tells me to unplug the USB stick and restart. After the restart I get a black screen with my cursor after the gigabyte splash, sometimes with the rotating wheel of dots, which freezes after a few rotations. I've tried about 3 installs as well as making the USB again. The furthest I've got is to a black screen with a cursor where there should be setup. Any one got any ideas? Thank you!
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  1. I also get a black screen when I go into safe mode
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