Using capture card to get your ps4 screen to your laptop screen?

I just bought a ps4 but my TV doesn't support hdmi.
Can I use a gaming capture card to get your ps4 screen to your laptop/monitor's screen?
If so: Is the quality good? Will I have lag? Would you recommend this?

My friend has one and will sell it for a very cheap price.
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    I had a capture card a while ago, it was before consols mainly used hdmi, however there was almost no lag in the video stream. However if you arent using something like the elgato HD60 to get 60 fps, then it could look odd, and somethings moght appear as lag. The qualoty ahould be fine, it will just run at whatever resolution your ps4 is set to output (probably 1080p) but you may need to scale this down to your laptops resolution.
    i honestly would just recommend getting a new tv, its a better fix to this problem.
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