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We recently got an INTEL DG946GZIS mainboard with a 3.2 GHz cpu, through ebay. The onboard video doesn't seem to function although the cpu fan spins and the hd is on. I tried installing a pcix graphics card but it gave a blank monitor screen also.

Wondering if there's anything else I could try, or if I should consider the board garbage?

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  1. Use of unsupported processors may result in improper operation
  2. The seller listed the cpu as a pentium D 3.2 GB (I assume they meant GHz but I'll check to be sure.)
  3. This is the info from the cpu:

    Intel '06
    935 SL9QR
    3.2 GHz/4M/800/05A
  4. From the Intel link you gave, it looks like the cpu should be compatible.

    Could it be a problem with the power supply? It's a 250W supply and the pcie card needs 40W.
  5. What model video card do you have? What is the memory you are using?
  6. This is the way it was advertised on ebay:
    ATi Radeon 2400XT B276 Video Graphics Card 109-B27631-00 102B2761700 256MB PCIx
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    •Radeon HD 2400 XT requires you to have a 350 Watt power supply unit. Really 20 AMPs on the 12-volts rails should be sufficient.,8.html
  8. Thanks.

    Could the power supply be insufficient for the onboard video? The board manual lists the graphics as Intel® 946GZ Express Chipset with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 (Intel® GMA 3000) . I couldn't find anything in the manual about a recommended output for the power supply.
  9. A similar motherboard, Asus P5B-MX, has a manual that recommends using a power supply with a minimum of 400 watts.
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