Corsair H55i water cooler installation help. ( black screen with prime95)

Hey everyone , I'd really appreciate your help with the following problem.

I installed a corsair h55i water cooler on an amd 8350 yesterday. Everything seem fine when it was running idle ( the reported systin temp being about 32 degrees which was a few degreea less than with the stock cooler).

However whenever I stress test with prime 95 the screen goes black after about three minutes but everything kept running. The systin temps hovered around 65 ish before hand. I thought its most likely an overheating problem however I thought it was weird the computer didn't just turn itself straight off ! I reinstalled the cooler ( cleaned off a reapplied thermal paste) and experienced the exact same problem.

Something seems a little off though the cooler runs a lot quiter than I expected.

I'm very tempted to just reinstall the stock cooler and try to return the h55i if possible! ( I know I'dhave probably been better off with an air cooler however I can't get clearance with the high profile ram I have :P)
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  1. Have you made sure to plug in all of the power cables, as there are separates ones for the fan and the pump.
  2. FromTheDepths said:
    Have you made sure to plug in all of the power cables, as there are separates ones for the fan and the pump.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Both the pump and the fan are plugged in however the instructions were a little vague about where they should go. It just said 'any available fan header.'

    The pump is currently in chassis fan 1 while the pump is in the cpu fan header. I'm going to try switching the fan to 'pwr fan' and see what happens.
  3. I switched where the fans were plugged in and it seemed a little louder than it was yesterday although it was probably by imagination!

    Is a screen capture of the temperatures a minute or two before the screen went black.

    CPUTIN went up to about 62 however the package temperature and the temperature reported by coretemp never went above 40 ?
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