Overclocked i5 4690k on a better Motherboard VS i7 4790 on a cheaper motherboard for gaming

I know the i7 can outperform i5 in video editing but what about in gaming ?
what will be the diference when the i5 is overclocked to about 4.2 Ghz ?
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    The performance of a 4690K and 4790K in gaming is negligeable. The 4690K would perform better if it's clocked higher than the 4790. The difference is too little to notice, a few FPS at most.

    Here's an article about it :
  2. without thinking.... get the 4690k as its made for gaming.. and get a good motherboard with a price point of 150-200 dollars... that should be more than enough for you.
  3. Thanks,will be buying an i5 4690k
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