Reusing parts in new PC? Help!

I'm building a new gaming PC, and I want to reuse my current CPU if I can. My current is an Intel Core i7 CPU 920@2.67 GHz.
I dont really want to buy a new CPU if my current one will be sufficient for gaming.

Also, if I can re-use the CPU, does anyone know if it will fit on a MSI Z97-G55 SLI ATX LGA1150 Motherboard (the Mobo i plan to put into the new PC)?

ALSO, (sorry!) what other parts can be potentially reused? I want to definitely replace the GPU and PSU, but can the HDD be salvaged? I would be using an HDD in addition to a SSD in the new computer.
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  1. The CPU can only be used with the correct motherboard chipset. The z97 chipset only works with haswell CPU's (intels 4th generation CPU's). If you want to keep you're current CPU you must use you're current motherboard you have. You can probably reuse the ram, HDD, and probably the case as well but that's about it.
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    Your CPU is a tier 3 CPU per,3106-5.html

    You can upgrade it with a current i7 eg i7 4790k on a Z97 mobo.
  3. Your current CPU will not support any Z97 motherboards, due to the fact that it will not fit (To be frank, your current CPU is still pretty damn good, and you don't really need to upgrade it). The GPU, PSU (if it has enough power), HDD, RAM and etc... can be reused with a new motherboard, however the CPU cannot.
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