Will a EVGA 650W SuperNOVA NEX650G 80+ Gold fit in a BItfenix Prodigy M ?

Just wonderering as I am planning on building a new PC

Thanks in advance
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  1. It's not a good power supply.
  2. I have the Supernova G2 750 W and its an excellent power supply, along with being pretty compact. I beleive it will, but here's the dimensions for the case:
  3. The only good ones are the B2 , G2 , P2 and soon to be P2 , made by Super Flower.

    G series is lesser quality made by FSP.
  4. So the Supernova G2 750 is 85X150X180 which is just about perfect for the Prodigy M. Plus fully modular so helpful with cable routing.
  5. Good to know Blackbird, not all power supplies are created equal even in an identical shell. Are the FSPs really not to be trusted?
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    Just a level below in quality , not great but decent.

    I prefer the single rail Super Flowers.
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