My Pc get freeze ( completly ) while gaming (when i press start In game ) or while refreshing rate and improve your pc.....

hey guys.. as you can see in title tats what happening to me. The full story is . My pc get freeze (completly, have to hard turn of or reset pc ), it get fereeze when ,in game I press start. for example Call of Duty Advance warframe or civilization beiong earth , while loading the game it get freeze ,. but games like assassins creed ulity, Dota,( playing on ultra high graphic.) .. are working normal.

i dont thing is becauste overheating. My GPU temperature is around 40 and cpu have water cooling, also around 40 my performance are
CPU intel core i7 / 4790k (yes i overclock it to 4.8 i think)
memory Vengeance® — 16GB Dual/Quad Channel DDR3
mother board : gigabyte ga- z97x
GPU: asus nvidia geforce gtx 780 directcu ii
power suppy :corsair cx750m ., 750w
and water cooling on CPU.
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    check the voltage if they are normal the bios
    it can be a psu issue or gpu driver conflict or a software running like a hell beind
  2. TY. man ... Yes it was the power supply. so i just cancel the overclock on my CPU and is ok now.
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