Gigabyte Windforce Radeon HD 7950 3GB

I'm getting this graphics card for Christmas and just wondering what it will run games like Crysis 3 and battlefield 4 like and wondering if i can play them in high or ultra with 8GB of Kingston Hyper X Ram 2 x 4 GB or if I should keep my Nvidia Ge force GTX 650 ti 2Gb.
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  1. Google is your best friend, you should see a couple of reviews which will give you an idea about your question.
  2. that should be able to run moderatley well on ultra, i currently have a 280x (7970) and i get around 90FPS on ultra XD
  3. Thanks guys, sorry for the late reply but one more question if I was ever to upgrade my GPU should I buy a different graphics card or just buy another for crossfire.
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