HDD enclosure : indicator light is lit up, the disk is spinning inside; but windows 8.1 wont detect it

i had this seagate HDD but the cable wiring got pulled so i disassembled it and installed it in a generic enclosure.

At first the HDD would not be listed in my computer in my desktop windows7 os
i even stored some files in it it was working for the whole week with no problems

now im accessing it thru a laptop win 8.1 os

the indicator light is working and the disk is spinning but it wont show up in the computer.
-Disk management does not show the drive
-Device manager shows it as hidden and not connected.
-i tried rebooting once it showed for a few mins but after closing the window the HDD disappeared in my computer again
-i tried rebooting again it doesnt show up anymore but light is on and still spinning.

do i have a faulty USB cable?

please help i want to retrieve my files in the HDD

thanks in advance
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  1. weird thing about win 7 and win 8 drives anything over 2tb can't be seen by either
    hd formated on win 7 machine is invisible or reformatted or crashed on win 8 machine(lost data on 2 3-tb hds plugging it into a dock into a win 8.1 laptop, then it vanished when i tried to return it to the win 7 pc)
    also hd formatted on win 8 machine would be invisible on a win 7's really freaky
    hoping for win 10 to sort all this crap out
  2. also in win 7 u have option to reconfig hd in disk management, but in win's automatically reconfig'd and therefore screws it up.

    note to self - don't let my older brother try to recover your data from crashed file systems. he only uses raw data least i try partition recovery or directory tree recovery. lost 1/2 of my old hdd data i was planning to move to a new pc. and i can't seem to find my 3tb hds for some odd reason...hopefully my bro doesn't have them
  3. if the win 7 <-> 8 hd confusion isn't source of your problem, then it might be the usb cable
  4. I just configured everything in win 7 and did not do anything on win 8.1 but just copied files from HDD to the laptop.

    the symptoms would not suggest anything close to the HDD being broken inside the enclosure right? i hope so because thats what im anxious about.
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    if u can copy files from usb drive..then it's not a broken hdd, if u can reheat your coffee on the usb hdd, then it's not a broken hd
    if it's made in china..then theres your problem
    last i checked, about 20 tech co's including apple are moving back to the usa cause they found out china has toxic enviroment(besides the air quality) for maintaining overall product quality.
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