Changed my CMOS battery and now laptop is locked by intel-mcafee anti theft!

Hey guys! I have a Dell Inspiron 7737. I was having problems previously with my laptop shutting itself down and the time changing often because of it. I was suggested to change the CMOS battery so I did. When I put my laptop back together and turned it on it gave me a message:

This computer has been disabled using Intel Anti-Theft Technology due to Platform Attack Detected

Please select one of the following for platform recovery

1 - Passphrase
2 - Server Recovery Token

For help, contact

Platform ID 0001356C
Intel Anti-theft Technology Service provider id 5000

I didn't even know my laptop had any anti-theft software. I tried contacting Mcafee/Intel but they don't have my email on their account so I can't get into my laptop. Do you guys think a computer repair store can solve this?

Is there anyway of forcing my laptop past that message?
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  1. Contact Dell - see what they can do for you.
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