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how can this be a ''ask me anything '' threads with all them rules ??
ai also like how you ask something and they just remove the post cause they now caught up in a false hood

when you state ask me anything that means anything not just some things with in a lot of limits on what you can ask the so called rep ...
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    If it were truly an Ask Me "Anything", using the strict definition of "anything", I could ask the Logitech Representative what the price of tea in China currently was. It does not pertain to the content or intent of the thread and therefore, rules are put in place to restrict non-topic related posts. As such, your posts were likely removed (I don't know as I did not remove them) from that thread as all they did was detract from (Hijack) the thread. Per the Rules of Conduct, also linked in the initial forum post, hijacking a thread is not allowed. Hence, your posts were removed.

    -Wolf sends
  2. so you agree its not ask me anything , right ?? but even still if it was with in there product line its still not ask me anything , right ??
  3. Ask Me Some Things just does not have the same ring to it. Last time someone talked about upcoming products too soon it killed their company as people stopped buying the current product waiting for the new one.

    I'm sure you can ask anything, like some people did about upcoming features, but that does not mean they can answer.

    And clear hostile threads like "why are you idiots pricing this mouse at $100 when it's crap and is not worth $10" would be removed anyway so there really is not much else you could ask that is not "Anything" that would still fit into the thread discussion.
  4. I guess , but when you ask something and they just quickly remove the post it kinda strokes ya the wrong way .. I guess it shows what kind of reps they got on that -- sales team --- hype misters - or a toms guy making some extra x-mas money ???
  5. As I mentioned, your post detracted from the intent of the thread. The idea was to ask the representative a question about the company and/or their products. Your initial post was not a question to the representative, but an attack on the intent of the thread. It had no place in that thread and therefore was deleted. I mean, seriously, do you really think a Logitech Rep is going to answer your, "How can this be called an Ask Me Anything if there are so many rules" question?

    While your question does have merit, you went about getting it answered in the wrong way. Rather than disrupt the session (and have your post removed), you should have posted it as a new thread in the Forum Feedback section of Tom's Hardware.

    -Wolf sends
  6. really ??? I guess that's a matter of opinion..

    ''do you really think a Logitech Rep is going to answer your, "How can this be called an Ask Me Anything''

    as I say ''what part of ask me anything '' do you not understand ?? cay I or cant I ?? don't push the blame on someone from ya'lls short sightedness

    it like '' free stuff just $2'' what a joke [LOL}

    [ this is just for fun no harm intended]
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