Skyrim crashing without error messages

so, I've just using NMM recently. And I'm using companion mod. some other mod are from steam community so I guess, nothing went wrong using steam mod, but when I use Nexus mod, skyrim keep crashing.
When I play the game, nothing bad happened. but when I'm fast travel, after 3 second, it blank and no error messages appear. Its keep happening.

so, the game crashed only when I'm fast traveling. how do I fix it?
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    Looks like you're lacking some mod pre-requisites.
    Have you made sure the mods you downloaded don't require extra content such as DLCs or other mods? The ones you've downloaded might require the Skyrim Script Extender (commonly referred as skse), for example.

    If you can find any detail about the mods you installed, check for their pre-requisites and try installing them. If it still doesn't work, revert to a vanilla installation (go to the Skyrim folder, remove the "Data" folder contained in there, run a local files check from steam and redownload the entire game)

    As a side note for your future modding attempts, look up for Skyrim Total Enhancement Project (or S.T.E.P., in short), as their modding guide is absolutely a must for any first timer.
    Also, use Mod Organizer rather than NMM, as it leaves your Skyrim folder intact and makes it easier to fix things up, should problems like these happen ;)
  2. uninstall all your mods, you have mod conflicts.

    you need stock vanilla skyrim with all 5 unofficial patches that has been completely cleaned with tes5edit and skse installed with the correct ini entries. also enboost is a must, even if you dont use the enbs post processing graphical mods. after you have all that, then you can start modding. though it is best for those unfamiliar with advanced modding to just use a texture pack and other mods recommended by that modder.
  3. I had the same problem as you, it was really really annoying and I can understand your pain unfortunately. What you need to do is ensure that the mods load in the correct order. Unfortunately I can't find the forum post that I used to order my mods so the next best thing that I found is BOSS I can't be sure that it does the exact job but from the looks of it the program looks correct. If not search skyrim mod load order into your preferred search engine and use trial and error
  4. LOOT is better than BOSS now. mod organizer is more for advanced users.

    gopher has a few tutorials for tes5edit, mod organizer, and skse, just search youtube.
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