First time overclock - CPU recommendation for Corsair h75

Planning and plotting to upgrade my rig at the start of next year. I snagged a new Corsair H75 at half price, so I am interested to know how far this will take me in my first attempt at overclocking.

So far I have been looking at the i5-4690k. My question is if this CPU is a good choice with respect to my cooler? How much further would I get with a 240mm AiO cooler instead?
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    The 4690K is a good CPU, it's a nice match with the H75.
    The H75 itself performs decent, not awesome but good enough when overclocking. There's a review on that unit here:,11.html
    The 4690K will overclock and run cooler than the 3770K@1.3V, so the cooler will perform better than with the i7.
    A 240mm AIO will perform better of course, but it's up to you if the cost of that is acceptable just for the sake of overclocking.

    Make sure that the CPU and motherboard are compatible and check if it's worth an upgrade in the first place.
  2. I saw your post from last year and was wondering how that H75 is working out for you.

    I have been using a stock intel heatsink/fan and am tired of cleaning the thing to avoid overheating.

    Hope all is well.
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