ASUS Maximus vii formula vs ASUS X99 pro

I am currently comparing these two motherboards, ASUS maximus vii formula and the ASUS X99 pro. They are both really good. These two motherboards costs about the same. Unfortunately I am not really sure about exact performance and I need your opinions about the pros and cons of these motherboards. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    They are different chipset, so hard to compare them directly.

    X99 will allow for the i7-5820k as the minimum 'gaming friendly' chip. That is about $300, DDR4 memory, most common config being 4x4GB, Close to $200.

    Z97 takes anything from a lowly pentium up through an i7-4790k as well as the upcoming Broadwell chips. Boards are cheaper, memory is cheaper, and you don't have to shell out for an i7 unless you really want one.
  2. Depends what you are doing. If you are Gaming grab the Vii Formula and if your video editing or doing CPU intensive tasks then get the X99-Pro but the X99 platform costs more Etc. Ram,CPU.
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