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Is a 120gb ssd enough for OS and programs

This last part of my rig is killing me.

I want to get a 120gb ssd, cause I only want to put my OS (Windows 8.1 64bit) and programs(nothing extreme) on it. But everyone says that the 240gb ones are good value but they're still expensive.

I dont want to put games on it, just the OS and programs.

So, is 120gb enough?
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  1. 250gb is optimum, I have one and only have 70gb left after only installing programs aswell, it is surprising how much space some apps can use, save the money and go for a 250gb one if you can
  2. For your OS yes. OS will consume 40 to 60 GB at best. I would suggest you install programs to a secondary drive however. Ideally don't consume more than 80% of the drive to maintain performance.
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    I have a 120GB as my main drive.
    OS and all applications. Win 8.1 Pro, MS Office Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Paintshop Pro, Corel Video Studio, etc, etc, etc, etc
    Games live on other drives.

    Currently ~70GB used space.

    It all depends on what applications you have. Install until you get to around the 80GB used level. This leaves room for future Windows updates.
  4. I also though of the option to do a fresh install of windows (using the free version with the watermark in the right bottom) and try to salvage important programs from the old 500gb HDD (from 2008) would this be a viable option as well?
  5. Certainly wouldnt use a 500gb drive feom 2008 if thats what you mean ??

    Win 10 currently takea up around 18gb with all the extras included.

    If you're sensible & maintain your ssd properly (removing windows uodate files etc once there installed ) you could probably get away with 120gb

    The reason people will recommend 240gb is simple.

    120gb drive - $50
    240gb drive - $75

    Twice the space for 50% more money.

    120gb ssd's are comparatively bad value, they costbmore than a 1tb traditional platter drive.
  6. Damn it , Superpeanut just dragged me into a necro thread . ;-)
  7. madmatt30 said:
    Damn it , Superpeanut just dragged me into a necro thread . ;-)

    You got here before I got around to closing it...:lol:
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