Can I upgrade my Processor/RAM/Graphics Card and does upgrading HDD/SSD increase my perforamance?

Hey ! Can I ask if I am able to upgrade my processor / ram / gpu / ssd & hdd and does SSD and HDD make a performance increase in games ?

My Laptop Specs are as follows:

Intel Core i5-3337U @1.80GHz [Turboboost to @2.70GHz]

I would like to upgrade my graphics card / processor if possible so that my perforamnce on BF4 will be more smooth. Thanks
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    Processor: No. It cannot be changed.

    RAM: Yes, but it has to be compatible with the laptop. Upgrading it to faster and higher quantity of RAM will improve gaming performance, but it will only add a few fps at best.

    Graphics Card: Cannot be changed

    Storage Drive: You might or might not have an upgrade slot to add an SSD. An SSD will make loading faster (only for the data stored on it) but will not improve actual gaming performance.

    Overall, I wouldn't bother trying to upgrade it for demanding games.
  2. No, you cannot upgrade your laptop CPU or GC. You can upgrade RAM and get an SSD, resulting in a quicker computer and quick game load times, but framerate will not improve. The only way to upgrade is to buy a new laptop.
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